About Us

Founded in 1995, ICM is the First full service portfolio management firm. Today, after seventeen years, it is the largest service management company in the country offering a broad range of results-oriented services to businesses from small and medium sizes to established multinationals. The secret to ICM's success and growth is its focus on providing personalized attention, cost-effective services, and the commitment of its resources to obtaining the best possible results for its clients.

CEO's Message

"TodayÔÇÖs Competitive Business Environment results in shrinking of profit margins. Mergers & Acquisitions are taking place at a greater pace and companies are focusing more on sales increase and cost cutting.The new millennium concept requires focusing more on the core business activities and outsourcing routine & time consuming jobs. Typically, the inhouse management of various tasks can be a very costly and time-consuming management process. International Contract Management (PVT) Limited can collaborate with you and provide different services in a way that is cost effective than those managing them internally. Our services are available at no cost. We require no annual/monthly fee. You pay only on the amount we collect. Our esteem clientele includes IBM Italia, MSCL, AT&T global network services International Inc., SKF,UPS, Omya International Switzerland, Roshila Pakistan, Habib Bank limited, Instaphone, United Sales continental Consultants & Bahria Foundation. Selecting a service management firm is a serious matter. If you are looking for a Professional Company, with resources, technology, personnel and results, then we invite you to experience ICM."