Product Counterfeit Investigation Services

The issue of product counterfeiting all over the world is rampant these days. The fake version of almost every brand is now available in the markets that results in the loss of market share for the original manufacturers, their partners and stockholders. It also increases frustration for the personnel of the organization when they see the fake versions selling like hot cakes in the market. Lots of capital, time and efforts are spent by the original manufacturers to create and market their brands but this brand awareness and effort is enjoyed by the counterfeiters due to their lower prices. Often, organizations find it difficult to get hold of the culprits because of time constraint and other more important issues that need to be addressed. This however dilutes their brand image and reduces sales.

Solutions for the Original Manufacturers: ICM has established this service with a view of helping all such businesses that are facing the dilemma of counterfeit and fake products. ICM assumes all the responsibility of getting hold of the culprits involved through its professional and devoted team members who work day in and day out to put a stop to this unfortunate business of counterfeit products.System.String[]